I’m wearing yellow and screaming inside.

I'm a hydrogen bomb of colour,
I'm going to explode.
Instead of fire,
It's my emotions that will bring this place down.
I'm drowning in a sea of navy,
Trudging on shades of brown,
Blinded by so many people wearing black.
My camouflage is at home,
My mirror advised for a pop of colour.
The enemy can see me.
Everyone in this room can see me.
I make a move, they watch.
I don't make a move, they watch.
Their alliance of grey, blue and black becomes the voice of my insecurities.
My eyes swallow up into my eye sockets,
Eye contact is the worst possible thing that could happen right now.
My sweats are my tears due to my lack of emotion and self-sympathy.
The end of the world seems upon me,
All I can hope for is for today to be over because
I'm wearing yellow and screaming inside.