Captain O’ Captain

I will captain this ship
I will hold my feet planted onto the worn timber beneath.
The first bullet to hit this ship
will be the first bullet to hit me.
I will watch the horizon, guiding us both to the sun.
I will bear, I will see the dawn before you see the dusk.
Your captain, I am.
My captain, I shall be. A visionary. A leader.

A lover.

Self sacrifice and compassion shall be the sword I guard you with.
I will see where we're headed and when I sleep,
I will envision the destination.
Sleep for you are so sweet.
This battle was not made for you, it never was.
You glow in the nightlight, radiating like candleflame
You keep my vision oh so clear with warmth and with light
The Gods, they watch us.
They wait for you.
They bring stormy seas but
I can't afford to lose you, so you'll just have to lose me.
I am the captain of this ship but I am only a humble servant,
in honour
of you.

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