Love was never meant to L A S T

“Flawed and Flagrant, I burn into space dust” – Planet Earth

Out of all the stars,
and supernovas
I loved her the most.
She felt like I didn't,
But she knew that I did.
Maybe that's why she's like this.
She's always been dramatic.
She would constantly remind me of
the ring I gave to Saturn -
But not her.
Not her.
She was the one who literally thought
the sun revolved around her.
She'd ask me if she looks flat
The amount of times I could've ended this...
I swear...
But who would I have ended up with?
I can't even believe I fucked that one up so bad.
I thought this one wouldn't be the same -
It seemed different.
But the cancer is too strong.
I've made nebulas, protostars, quasars - name it.
But I can't make this one go away.
I shed a tear because it's sad to think:
The only life in the universe

is trying to kill itself.

I guess it was never meant to last.

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