Dear Vanessa,

Hey, how’s it going? Horrible? I thought so. Happy birthday my love. You’re pretty much my best friend (Tied with Lola of course, sorry chief). This isn’t a letter to say how much I love you or why I do. I accomplish that everyday I see you whether in person or in my thoughts. I’ve been in weird circumstances recently and I’m happy that you’ve been along for the ride. When I was away, you looked for me. Remember that? You told me you were worried and that you embarked on a journey to see if I was okay. Just for that. You almost rescued me that day,

but you didn’t.

You did it for the rest of the life I’ve lived so far. When my mind was clouded you calmed the storm, when I couldn’t say how I felt you listened to my heart and when I thought I was last place you turned the tables. You make me feel like I can write, like a genius nobody knows, when I think I’m a fraud. I know I can be an enigma. I can be mute sometimes, I can shapeshift and even vanish at times but you never stopped loving me,

you never stopped encouraging me.

Vanessa you’re an artist, a model, a sister, a daughter and even a Goddamn Cancer but in the end, when I’m depleted, crawling on my charred hands and knees with my nose bleeding and broken legs dragging against the concrete, you’re my friend. My best friend. You’re also literally the only person to have seen me on my birthday in 3 years and the 2nd in 14 years. But regardless,

I love you Vanessa.

I’ve got to keep it brief because I’ve got to paint my mum’s room. Duty calls. You’re always in my thoughts.

Keep being, keep dreaming and keep breathing.

Sincerely true to you,

Levi x

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