Psychedelia amongst the stars


I wish to see the stars beyond what I can see
Rupturing and distorting the sky
Sifting my fingers through the cracks of reality
Ripping the 4th dimension open
to see what's behind my mind
What's behind the reality I'm in right now
Where my adventure and I will find each other
Floating on the ocean
Rafting toward the edge of the world
I surf on the creases of the ocean
Rocking and rolling
My eyes seeing only what my mind can understand
I wish to see the monster that lights up the sun
for it to eat me and shit me out as a supernova
glittering the abyss of the universe with my space dust
I want to hold jupiter and saturn, bare, in my hands
I want to smell Jupiter with it's atmosphere rifting through between my fingers
The gases, soft and in flux within the cupping of my hands
The hands of a god.
It smells of sulfur, man farts and rotten eggs
I think I found my adventure.

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