Leave me when you get new friends

Leave me when you get new friends
I'm sure they'll be nice.
They'll call you pretty and pat you on the back
Probably tell you to never change.
I was never good to you
I always called you names,
I provoked your insecurities
I pushed you till you raged.
I called your bullshit what it was
and that was wrong
I told you when you were erratic-
that was wrong too;
But I'll never apologise for loving you, bitch.
Under that murky cloak of immaturity
my heart stayed steady when you were around,
working at a constant to your facetimes-
Beating to the tempo of the breaks between your words.
With you, I wasn't awkward
I was laughing, singing and over-reacting.
You made the silence sweet music
And eye contact bearable.

Leave me when you get new friends
They'll be better than I ever was
But I don't care who they are
They'll never love you like I did.

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