Drug control

Heroin, Speed, Crack and Glue.
They say ALL drugs are very bad for you.

It takes you away from all of your friends and
Makes you run away from home.
Convinces you to spend hours outside
affecting every decision you make.
It slows you down.
It takes your money.
It forces you to compromise
and you are constantly high.
It isolates you from %99.9999 of civilisation
and when you lose it,
the withdrawal symptoms are excruciating.
You're chest fills with fire as
Your stomach sucks in, cold and empty.
You stop loving yourself
You start questioning yourself.
You crawl into bed and throw up valleys of digested tears and mucus,
Haunted, by visions of a happier past, and consequently
Disillusioned to the false hope of a happier future.
Taking drugs can hurt you in the end.
Some drugs are stronger than others.
But beware of the most dangerous drug of them all:
Love and Romance.
Heroin, Speed, Crack and love.
They say to be careful with ALL gateway drugs.

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