Tango in the sky

“The birds dancing; independent and never owned.”

Tango in the sky
The birds dance in the atmosphere
Conduits of the air that gives us life
Up above the clouds with vision so clear.
They soar and they glide
Spreading their wings in time
Circling jet streams
Synchronising as it seems.
Disappearing out of sight
Reappearing into the light
They dance in the sky
They dance in the sunlight.
Streaming through a mid-afternoon scene
The earth's ceiling is blue but the moon can be seen
It watches, alone
The birds dancing; independent and never owned.
Hence why they must part ways after the song is done
They know they cannot fly together towards the sun.
So they wrap it up.
Passion coming from pain
Understanding from isolation
They circle once more again
The final kiss before parting aviation.
So, lined in formation as agents of flight
They finish the
Tango in the sky.

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