“My body is set in place but my mind wanders”

pink clouds
orange skies,
Sunset rays reflecting off 
white buildings turned pale amber.
The air is light, also crisp
I stare at the cityscape caught
in a state of hallucination;
My body is set in place but my mind wanders
Dazzled by the stars I can't immediately see
by the lights of the city I live in.
Civilisation continues another day
Another day without recognising my existence.
How do they do it?
Roaming around carrying their lives in unpacked suitcases,
centred around them and work without me in mind.
They shall know my name one day.
Time will tell.
They will listen.
But for now I sit here looking, dreaming, breathing.
Basked in the honey light of the lowered sun
The second biggest star in our solar system.

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